Vulness Eye Massager | Electric massager with heat compression and vibration massage functions | Includes wireless music connectivity | Relieves tired eyes, headaches and much more

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Combines trigger point therapy of oscillating kneading pressure, rhythmic percussion, and gentle heating
Our eye strain relief tool features a soft lining with suede effect fabric and an adjustable headband
Equipped with speakers and hands-free technology that allows wireless connectivity to your phone
With its one-button control and adjustable headband, our heated eye mask couldn’t be easier to use.
Integrated upgraded battery allows up to 16 massage cycles on a single charge

  1. Tyler Girard

    This product is so neat. I hadn’t seen something like this before today but I really love it, especially the heat & Bluetooth features. It’s so relaxing to lay there with this on & just destress.

  2. E B

    It’s a pretty straightforward product! I try to using the music feature but it was just weird for me, however the heat is amazing and relaxing and it also gives you a good temple message. I have dry eyes for this is just a really neat product to have

  3. Amazon Customer


  4. Amazon Customer

    It’s very comfortable and soothing!

  5. Jenna N.

    I was very excited to be offered the chance to test this product. I suffer from a variety of chronic issues that often give me migraines. The pressure it provides is very soothing and being able to listen to my meditation soundtrack while using it is a huge plus. I find that regular use leads to less overall headaches. I’m pleased that it has heat as an option, although I did find my eyes too sensitive for that when under a migraine – so I save that for just relaxing. The mask holds a charge for a decent length of time and charges in a few hours.

  6. madison

    This was easy to set up and figure out how to work. It really helps to soothe me and help me relax. I get migraines and it has helped a lot with those

  7. Samantha Montgomery

    I absolutely love this massager! It’s very relaxing after a long day, it doesn’t have a lot of awkward pressure if that makes sense. It’s in all the right areas. I would highly recommend purchasing for yourself and a friend. Definitely makes a great gift.

  8. Chelsey & Blake

    It may not be for everyone, but it was definitely for me! The temple pressure definitely helped after a long day. The music helps drown out background noise. The heat takes a little while to get used to, but definitely an added feature to help you relax. Having an adjustable band definitely allows for comfortable readjustment as needed.

  9. Ivy R.

    Helps with my chronic migraines!!!

  10. Shannon Wagner

    I absolutely LOVE this massager. I often get headaches and migraines, or sometimes my eyes just feel super tired.. this little machine always fixes all of these things.. I lay with it on and just keep resetting it once the time expires. its comfortable and does the trick.. Highly recommend if you get headaches/migraines.

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