OttLite Wireless Charging Station and Night Light, White

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WIRELESS CHARGING STATION: The OttLite Wireless Charging Station and Night Light is perfect for an entranceway, kitchen counter, or nightstand. This sleek OttLite station will make a great bedside accessory.
MODERN LIGHTING: Touch-sensitive controls allow you to change between three brightness settings by touching anywhere around the arch. Makes a great night light and a great gift for college students!

Availability: In Stock

Product Description


Perfect for your kitchen counter, entrance way, study area or the night stand by your bed, the OttLite Wireless Charging Station and Night Light provides a sleek and convenient way to charge your phone and other devices. Simply place your Qi-enabled phone on the charging pad to wirelessly charge. You can also use the 5V, 2.1A USB port to charge mobile phones, tablets and other devices at the same time. And, you can illuminate your space by touching anywhere on the outside of the lighted arch. Choose from 3 night light brightness settings – ideal for night stands.

wireless qi charging phones tablets electronics white woodgrain

Wireless Charging

Wireless Qi charging for the latest Qi-enabled phones and devices.

WIRELESS CHARGING BASE: Easily charge two devices at once, including Qi-compatible phones and smartwatches. A 5V, 2.1A USB port fully charges tablets and other USB devices, making this light perfect for dorms and offices.
DESIGN: Constructed with a modern rectangular shape and a stylish wood grain look, this touch switch controlled charging dock will illuminate your nightstand with a stylish flair. It stands 8.75” tall and the base measures 7.5” by 3.75”.
NATURAL DAYLIGHT: OttLite’s engineers and researchers have focused on bringing the power of natural daylight indoors. OttLite’s unique daylight illumination shows colors accurately and details with amazing clarity and reduced glare and eyestrain

USB Charging Port (5V, 2.1A)

Charge 2 devices at once when you also use the 5V, 2.1A USB charging port, which fully charges tablets, phones, and other devices

Stylish Modern Design

Unique modern design with decorative faux woodgrain base coordinates with almost any decor style.

Touch-Sensitive Arch

Easily change brightness settings with the touch of a finger. Simply anywhere on the outside of the arch.


3 Brightness Levels

Easily change the brightness setting to your liking with the touch of a finger.


The OttLite Difference

Not all LED lighting products are created equal. OttLite has established strict standards for color temperature, brightness and light output for the ultimate LED lighting experience – providing reduced glare and eyestrain and superior color rendering.

Rated to last up to 40,000 hours, OttLite LED lighting is energy efficient. With a variety of lighting solutions, OttLite is an essential tool that helps you do what you love, longer.

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     Just what I was looking for!

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  3. Zee7

    My son opened the box and looked puzzled. He placed it on his desk and didn’t say anything to me. Weeks later, he tells me it was such a great gift. I love that he loved it AND it was so affordable. Thank you to the person on Tik Tok who suggested it!

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