RockJam Portable Electronic Roll up Drum Kit with, Power Supply, Foot Pedals, Headphone Jack, and Drumsticks, inch (RJ758): Musical Instruments (Open Box)

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Drum pads provide realistic expression; similar sounds to a non-electric drum kit
9 Drums pads and 2 drum pedals make a variety of sounds
Thick pad can be rolled easily to make travel easier
Necessary Accessories included: Two Pedals. Power Supply, and Drumsticks
Output for headphones (This item does not have a built in speaker)

Availability: Out of Stock

Out of stock

(Open Box)

The Affordable Rolling Drum Kit!

The RockJam Portable Rolling Drum Kit is perfect for budding musicians; it produces real-world drumming sounds, allows for quiet practice, and can be both easily stored or taken on the road. It’s a unique and wonderful instrument for the drummer in your home.

This versatile drum set includes ten drum pads and two drum pedals, and is perfect for learning the rhythm and technique of drumming. These drum pads and pedals produce realistic sounds, akin to those produced by an analog drum set. An integrated headphone jack allows a drummer to plug in (non-included) headphones during practice sessions, or into an amplifier for at home performances.

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Take it Traveling

The included travel pad can be used to roll up the the pads and pedals into a compact package — easy to take to practice sessions or small concerts. It also serves to protect your kit on the bumpiest of van rides.

Record that Beat

The Rock Jam Portable Rolling Drum Kit Has a built-in recording feature, so that your best beats can be preserved for that final album mix.

Power Supply or Batteries

This portable drum can be powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included) for roadside concerts or low-fi performances. Or you can save batteries by using the included power supply.

Connect your Phone

Add music from your phone to create a richer, more layered sound.

Drumsticks Included

These solid wood drum sticks are engineered for maximum durability and sound reproduction.
Number of Drums 3 3 5 9 9 2
Number of Cymbals 1 1 2
Comes with Stool ✓
Comes with Drumsticks ✓
USB Midi
Built in Speakers
Available in a Range of colours ✓



Built-In Speaker, No Built-In Speaker, W/ Grip Tape

  1. EasyToPlease

    I bought this for my 8 yr. old Grandson for his birthday. He LOVED them and is learning to keep a beat with the music. It can get very loud, so I also purchased headphones to go along with playing those Drums! Real Drum Set is next! It’s abit small to learn as a real drum set but it’s a start if your child is interested in music. He especially loved the different sounds each one made, just like a real drum set.

  2. t_andrews1

    So I have had mine for almost 2 years, playing it a decent amount for a few months at a time.First, to people complaining it’s a “toy” or you or your kid can’t play it, just _practice more_ and stop acting spoiled thinking you need a killer huge drum set to learn on!! I can play on a full kit, and can definitely play/practice fine on this thing. Going from this to a real kit is pretty natural, more so than the other pads I saw. If you can’t manage this, I doubt you’ll have an easier time learning on a full size kit, and this is way less of an initial investment money and space wise. It’s only $60 so keep that in mind. But I would say its certainly capable of learning drums on when used properly.If you want to buy yourself/your kid a $300+ kit to start on that’s fine, but interest is lost, this goes back into a suitcase sized box instead of taking up a huge space in a room until you sell the full size kit or even just break it down.Oh, and yes, it comes with shortie/very light sticks. People, stop complaining about the product and just BUY A SET OF FULL SIZE STICKS if you want! They are litterally available everywhere musical and all over amazon for cheap. My 5As work fine with it.Quality-wise, mine hasnt died yet, but I also don’t smash on it. I do not recommend hitting these hard, they are not pressure sensitive as far as I can tell. But 2 years in and it’s still playing great. The foot pedals could definitely be better. Their clicks are annoying, but you can turn up the volume, or even better: go easier on the internal speakers when alone and just use (good) headphones. The internal speakers go pretty loud but I don’t blast them often to try not to stress them. Running the headphones to big speakers (like a sound bar or surround sound system) with another aux cable works awesome!!!! Just docked one star for quality for the pedals.It has 6 kits programmed into it, the first one is my favorite. Some have toms reversed which is odd but gives a cool different feel. The built in jam songs are kind of challenging. It’s way more fun to use a line in and play along with YouTube or mp3 or streaming songs. Haven’t tried the USB to computer function but the box claims its compatible with PC and Mac (maybe it’s even a MIDI controller?!). Haven’t tried the recording feature. Can run for a wicked long time just from on a USB battery pack too!Basically, in summary, I think it’s a perfect thing to explore beats and drums on without breaking the bank. Sorry if you got one that was DOA, but if you/your kid beat the hell out of it and broke it, that’s on you!!! This is an excellent tool to learn about and focus on stick control.Happy portable drumming to all who enjoy this product!

  3. Emilie

    We bought this as a gift for our 14 year old son. Since he played on a family member’s drum kit years ago he’s considered himself a drummer. (Kids are funny that way!) We don’t have the space for a real drum kit in our house so we opted for this one. The sound is great. My husband even plugged it into his amp to play around with it! Very good product that gives the kid something to do when he’s bored and his mean parents won’t drive him around. lol I have recommended it to multiple people.

  4. Michele

    I got this for my elderly husband who has always banged on something for over fifty years. He tried using regular drums and sticks, but found that they were aggravating his arthritis after a few minutes. He was skeptical when he received this set of roll up drums. What he found was that he could use his hands instead of sticks and get the same sound! The drum pads are very sensitive to touch so not much pressure is needed to beat them, He enjoyed it for a solid two hours and had no aches and pains afterwards.The Best part for me is that I don’t have to listen to it if I don’t want to! YES!!! He really loves hard rock and roll and he likes to put on music through the TV. He was able to hook this drum set to his television ears and hear everything perfectly without me having to hear a thing. He was able to adjust his drum volume separately from the TV channel music and get the effect he wanted in just a few hook ups. I highly recommend this if you have an aging rocker with the heart of a raging drummer. It made him very happy!

  5. Leah

    I actually picked this up on premium days for a small price for my grandson who is a drummer and actually is in a high school drum corp. After I purchased it, I read the reviews and discovered that this product was purchased mainly for smaller children. However, I am a child at heart and Love to play. My grandson opened it and proceeded to drum without abandon, especially when he was able to play with the music provided with the kit. The smile on his face and the fun he had playing this unit and the fun all the family had watching him was amazing and well worth the price!

  6. Corrina P. Campos

    These are great. We like that they have a plug in for headphones and built in speakers. Your child can practice on his/her own with the headphones on and let everyone listen when a song is ready. There is different background music to play the drums along with. These are great beginning drums. They roll up and don’t take up a lot of space.

  7. JoAnn Wachholz

    I bought this for my Grandson (11). He wanted the reg drums, I was worried the dogs would destroy them. He was so excited when he opened this drum pad. His parents said sounds like the regular drums. Doesn’t take up floor spacetime! Since there’s no school, they suspended Band and orchestra till further notice.

  8. George P.

    Our granddaughter loved this birthday present. She has been wanting drums, but we knew if we got her a drum set her mother would send it to our house. This is perfect since it takes up little space and has a headphone jack. The sound quality is surprisingly good for such a little speaker.

  9. Pgh Jim

    Bought as gift for my 6 year old son he loves it. Nice sound from the speakers. Love how it’s easily stored way better than a “real” drum set.

  10. Tina M

    It made for an awesome present. She can roll it up, put it in a bag that I gave her for that purpose, and take it with her anywhere. The headset option means she can drum all she wants and still be around everyone without the rest of us losing our hearing. The charge seems to last quite a while, too. We’re extremely happy with our purchase.

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