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Unleash your creative power to its full potential with our multi-finish 42 shade Kaleidoscope Palette. This palette’s versatility isn’t only expressed through the wide arrange of high-pigment colors. The vivid prismatic spectrum includes face and eye shades in a wide array of different finishes from matte, satin, shimmer, glitter, and even our newest high-pigment jelly shadow finish. With everything from bronzy face powders to bright pops of color, you can achieve anything from an everyday soft glam, high-glitz glamour look or an editorial-inspired wet makeup masterpiece! These high-pigment, pro-quality shades are suitable for all skin tones, allowing anyone the ability to become a Pro!

NEW! Jelly Shadow Shades: Latch, Echoes, Irreplaceable, Deceiver and Intention

4 Face Powders: Comfy, Tart, Russet, Changes

6 Face + Body Glitters: Extravaganza, Stardust, Euphoria, Sunburst, Captivating, OMG

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