GoFloats Winter Snow Tube – Inflatable Toboggan Sled for Kids and Adults (Choose from Unicorn, Ice Dragon, Polar Bear, Penguin, Flamingo) (ST-FLAMINGO-01) : Sports & Outdoors (Open Box)

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SNOW DAY: Perfect for sledding down snowy hills in style
COLD WEATHER TREATED: Our material is 100% thicker than the competition to make for awesome designs that are both fun and functional
RAPID-INFLATE VALVE: Unique GoFloats valve inflates in seconds so you’re ready for the snow in no time
Always use with adult supervision on a designated sledding hill
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Availability: In Stock

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GoFloats Flamingo Winter Snow Tube

Sled in Style

With its trusty snow goggles and scarf this pink flamingo is ready to leave the tropics and hit the slopes! Guaranteed to turn heads and make your day in the snow memorable.

Cold Weather Treated

Our thick material is specifically built to withstand the snow and hold up for countless uses. The center of the tube is also closed for improved comfort and to keep your bottom dry.

Make the Most of Winter

It’s time to embrace the season and enjoy the snow, so pick up any one of our unique snow tube designs for a fun filled winter.


Style Name

Flamingo, Penguin, Ice Dragon, Polar Bear, Unicorn

  1. J. Cummings

    I thought this might be a silly novelty, cheap tube that would pop on the first day. This thing is AWESOME. It was WAY faster than all the other tubes or sleds on the hill (including the ridiculously expensive eddie bauer tubes). Plenty big enough for adults, or even two teens to ride at once. Fast as hell! Comfy too.Bummer that others had issues with inflatability….no issues for us, and we got two of them.It was a BIG hit at the sledding hill. People were lining up to take a turn.Totally worth it! Have fun!

  2. John Q.

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     Sledding on these tubes was way better than any other tubes we have ever owned. Most other tubes are not made of a thick enough material and puncture easily. These are made durable enough that even I (at about 230-240 pounds) was able to ride them multiple times. We sledded for about 4 to 5 hours and I only inflated them one time in between and it was a very minor amount. The one way valve is AWESOME and the rapid inflate/deflate plug makes it so fast to do both. In the video I’m posting you see my heavy butt going down a hill, I’m 5’5 so you can see these are fairly decent size. They were also the hit of the entire place, many kids and adults wanted to ride them when they saw how fast and far we were able to go down the hill. Many people wrote down the name to get home and buy one of their own. I paid for the protection insurance ($3 each), but if I hadn’t, and if it ever popped I would definitely purchase another one. The price is extremely Fair for as good of quality as this is. Highly recommend for the whole family.

  3. TK

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     I’m an adult, and I have to admit this is truly fabulous. We were the envy of the neighborhood sledding hill when we arrived with the GoFloat Unicorn and Dragon. My husband is 6’3″ and about 200 lbs., and he can ride his dragon just fine. The rafts are a pain to inflate until you get the knack for it: use an air compressor, and then insert the one-way valve when it’s almost fully inflated (some air will escape). Then just finish inflating it with your mouth–there’s a subtle entertainment to blowing into the “blowhole” of a dragon or rainbow unicorn. The rubber is supposed to be raft rubber, and it seems pretty sturdy. If you’re looking for a sled that you control, this ain’t it. Live on the edge and go with it. Run over a few kids on your way down. I moved from CA to WI, and someone told me that I needed to find something that I like to do in the snow in order to survive the bitter winters here. I think that I’ve found it. Good job, GoFloats.

  4. Tahoe David

    Ok, I was not going to write a review for this, as it was more of a joke buy, but after 3 days of drinking and sledding on this colorful creature, I am impressed. It took a beating, held in all of its air, and is FAST on the snow. I imagine this is what riding a real unicorn is like.

  5. 2boys2love

    I purchased the Dragon and Penguin for my boys for Christmas. They were pretty uneventful in the box, but when we blew them up to take them to sled, they lit up!! These tubes are huge! So far we have taken them out to several different local sledding hills, and they have not disappointed us!! They draw a lot of attention for sure, especially the dragon! They fly down this hills! Super smooth ride! light weight to haul back up the hills!! The penguin did finally catch a sharp chunk of ice that slit a large hole in it, but we used a patch, and it was back up and running with no issues and continues to bring us outdoor entertainment!!! Do no hesitate to get one of these tubes!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Just buy it, you’ll be a happier person. I read loads of reviews, and yes, this thing really is great. We had two full size adults and a 6 year old on it (sometimes all at once so 300+lbs) for 4 hours with absolutely no issues. Floats down the hill, beats the pants off discs and toboggans (at least the comfort aspect. Nothing beats the toboggan for risk of bodily harm). Horn provides a nice handle for the little ones and doubles as a towing apparatus when they are too tired to walk back up the hill. Had to cob our shopvac to inflate as we didn’t have an air mattress. It hit the dirt at the bottom of the hills a few times and other than it dumping us out rather rudely there were no complications. It brings joy to all who ride or see it and a hell of a headrush to those without an air pump or doctored vaccuum.

  7. N. Hash

    When we blew up the Penguin (using an air pump) we were surprised at how large it was! We took it to a groomed sled run, and used it for hours. At times, two adults were on it at once…and it held up. I have found some hard plastic saucers and toboggans to leave you feeling really sore from being bounced over hard snow the next day. The inflated Penguin has an indention where you sit, leaving your bum above the cold/wet snow, and you float along! The speed and smooth ride had us fighting over who would get to use the Party Penguin next! There are handles to grab on each side, and the wacky head keeps you from being thrown.Cautions: The material seemed thick enough, BUT I would caution you not to allow any sharp objects (a dog’s nails, a belt buckle, etc) on it, and would only suggest using it up in the mountains with a snow base, and not where snow is thin causing it to snag on a branch or sharp object.

  8. Lorrie

    Really cute and well made. My son said he was not going to ride a pink flamingos down the hill when we went sledding, that quickly changed when the other 2 sleds didn’t last more then 3 times down the hill. The flamingo was nice and big, made out of heavy duty pvc, not cheap and flimsy. It also comes with a nice repair kit just in case. It was a lot of fun big enough for adults and the kids. Overall it was hilarious and fun riding a flamingo down the hill.

  9. SC.

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     Took this up to Mt. Rainier/Paradise Lodge to go sledding yesterday. It was 22 Degrees, appx. 11 Degree wind chill and I weight 210. It handled admirably for both the several trips I took and for my much lighter weight children. No pops, cracks or tears. In addition to enjoying it sledding, it definitely garners a significant amount of attention. We had all sorts of folks taking photos and videos of the kids on it. It is a load of fun. The only one caveat that buys should know is that it doesn’t use a traditional small fill nozzle. It uses a larger opening (and much improved) leakless valve. However, this valve mean a traditional air pump wont fill it. You need to use something like an air mattress pump. I ended up using my own breath, and it took at 10 minutes to fill. Just open it and look at the valve before you get all the way up on the mountain in the cold and realize you will be blowing this up yourself because all you brought to fill it was a 12v air compressor.

  10. Mike

    We bought this tube for our nieces and nephews to use when they came to visit us with their families. It was just as much a hit with the adults as it was with the kids (the valve for blowing the thing up is under the tail, so the fun begins before it is even inflated). It held up to all of us jumping on it and pulling it around all weekend, and it carries multiple kids at once no problem. The best part was that the kids were so tired from tubing all day that they zonked out early and the adults found ourselves miraculously in the hot tub and half-way through a bottle of Tullamore Dew by 8 PM. Thank you, unicorn friend.

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